• I should use iMessage apps more. This was a great list of some good ones.

    🔗 Useful iMessage Apps — www.rosemaryorchard.com/blog/usef…

  • I took the plunge and purchased a new MacBook Pro over the weekend. Got one of the new 2018 models, with True Tone and the T2 chip. Got it pretty much maxed out with memory, 1TB SSD.

    First impressions:

    Love the display, speed and overall heftability. It also looks pretty. Clearly it is a great upgrade in so many ways.

    Downside. Dongletown. Not at all fussed on the need to go and buy dongles that should be on board, such as an SD card slot. A single SD slot would be all that I need to raise this machine from very happy to best I love you.

    Also, I miss MagSafe. Just saying.

    I am pretty sure I am going to be very happy with this machine, and will grow to adapt to Dongletown.

  • Currently reading: The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia 📚

  • Extraordinary efforts and amazing results by a large Thai-led multinational team that has successfully rescued the 12 soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.

    While we celebrate their amazing accomplishment, we should also pause to remember Mr Saman Kunan, the former Thai Navy Seal who died in the rescue operation. RIP.

  • Who stole Sydney? #peasouper #fog

  • 🔗 In 1986, the space shuttle Challenger stunned the nation when it broke apart 73 seconds into flight. This is the story of the soccer ball that survived – and the family that sent it into space, twice. — www.espn.com/espn/feat…

  • Currently reading: The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively by Helio Fred Garcia, ISBN: 9780132888844 📚

  • 🔗 Now is the Best Time EVER to Be a Photographer — petapixel.com/2018/06/2…

  • I lived and worked overseas for some months in the last part of 2017 and into 2018.

    Before heading away, AirPods stood out, and looked kind of odd.

    Now that I am back, AirPods look normal and seeing wires dangling from people’s heads looks, at best, quaint.

  • Watching the Apple WWDC Keynote on my Apple TV.

    The intro video is fantastic!

  • Really enjoyed this video from David Johnston about Why You Should Use a Mirrorless Camera for Landscape Photography.


    David makes several key arguments about why mirrorless makes sense for landscape.

    For me, there are two key reasons why I love my Panasonic Lumix G9:

    1. The size of the cameras and accessories is well suited to landscape photography, and the travel, bushwalking and general movement that is needed to get the images.
    2. Its fun. I find that the mirrorless manufacturers (Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji and Sony) are leading the charge in innovation for photography.

    I am not saying that SLRs are bad for landscape photography. But, for me, they are oversized and boring.

  • Enjoyed reading this simple explanation of the who, what, and why of Bear.

  • Anyone else getting an error loading timeline when you try to access Micro.blog through the macOS app?

  • Luke Kanies identifies that iPad has a focus problem

    Some really good points, well made.

    I really like the idea of automatically shifting into landscape mode when a Smart Keyboard is connected.

  • Yes, this could be cool!


  • In the wake of the @flickr purhcase by @smugmug…

    JOB 1 for the new owners:

    Allow users to login / authenticate without a Yahoo ID.

    The sooner I can rid my life of any Yahoo credentials, the better…

  • The Flickr Acquisition

    I am intrigued by the news today that SmugMug has acquired Flickr.

    I have been a Flickr user since well before they were acquired by Yahoo!, a company that almost ruined Flickr in a similar way that they ruined other promising startups they acquired1.

    Yahoo! dragged the Flickr community through a seemingly endless series of changes to business model, several major data leakages and a general lack of comitment that left the once vibrant community floundering.

    I have kept posting my images up to Flickr, but had shifted my main effort to 500px – even shifting my DesParoz.photos Gallery there.

    But 500px has been going through its own woes, and the recent purchase by a Chinese stock photo company is making me consider moving my Gallery somewhere else. At least I own my own domain and my data is my own.

    In the interim I have also been playing around with Micro.blog as a photo sharing service.

    The acquisition by SmugMug can only be a good thing for what remains of the Flickr community. I really hope the SmugMug is able to reinject life into the once great platform.

    The timing is brilliant – 500px’s steps have left many users to move away (or consider the prospect), and many are questioning the long term viability of that platform.

    For me, I’ll be photo sharing on Flickr and Micro.blog, and see where that takes me.

    1. Del.icio.us would be one of the best examples of that, IMHO. 

  • Good to see @rohedesign here on micro.blog

  • FUNNY: Camera Bag Buying Guide from DAN at Shutter Muse.

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